Christopher Nicholson was born in London in 1956 and lives in south-west England. His most recent novel, 'Winter', was published in the UK in 2014. His two earlier novels are 'The Fattest Man In America' (2005) and 'The Elephant Keeper' (2009), which was shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award and the Encore Award.

His first non-fiction book, 'Among the summer snows', is to be published in the UK in June 2017. A book of walking and natural history, it's a highly personal meditation on the great snowbeds that survive deep into the summer in the Scottish Highlands.

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From reviews of 'The Elephant Keeper':

'Intensely moving....an exceptional novel.' Boston Globe

'an extended meditation on human needs.... poignant, heartfelt.' St. Louis Post Dispatch

'an unforgettable picture of an elephant/human relationship.' BookPage

'gentle, profound and sweet-natured.' The Observer

'an absolute gem...' The Guardian

From reviews of 'Winter':

'a superfine, thistledown novel about a novelist, a place and about love and loss....' The Guardian

'elegiac, beautifully restrained...' The New York Times

'understated, tender...an entrancing piece of fiction...' The New Yorker

'an absolutely first-rate novel.' The New York Review of Books

'gorgeously, gorgeously written...' Minneapolis Star Tribune

'a wonderful novel...' David Lodge


June 13th 2017 - publication date for 'Among the summer snows' by September Publishing.

An audio version of 'Winter' is available: listen to an extract on www.soundcloud.com

May 2013 watch Christopher Nicholson telling his short story. 'Mr. Cunningham and the motor-car' - a tale of 1960s suburbia - on the Supposed Histories Project www.vimeo.com

19th January 2014 - interview about 'Winter' with Christopher Nicholson, on BBC Radio 4's 'Open Book'. To hear the interview, click on: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer